In the novel The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino, Côme, who travels endlessly among the treetops, serves as my inspirtion in his willingness to choose for himself a life that suits him, and through his deftness of movement. I have dreamed up a bag that sits close to the body, is simple to use, and which can be worn either underneath the arm or on the back according to the users needs and desires.
The leather strap which wraps around the body is soft, and drapes around the wearer in a nod to the classical elegance of the toga in antiquity.
The metal buckle, which takes the form of a stirrup, ties up the wide strap to avoid any inconvience whilst moving.
The main body of the bag is inpired by a classic briefcase design, associated with the elegance of a man who takes his work seriously.
Finally, this bag mirrors the duality of man - wanting to adapt to a world in perpetual movement, whilst looking for structure and stability, fluidity and liberty.
Along this dual pathway on which man must find his equilibrium each day, he needs his hands free in order to find his balance and move forward.
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